Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Using Social Media As a Marketing Tool

Using Social Media As a Marketing Tool

  So the question is can you use social media as a marketing tool? The answer is of course you can, the quote I heard the other day was that social media is a marathon not a sprint. It takes real planning and some dedication to start finding followers making daily updates and posts and also on some social media platforms, likes.

  If you are serious about using social media as a marketing tool you will need to use a mixture of the following,
1. Listen to your audience
2. You need to share your relevant messages
3. Enable others to share your relevant messages

  You do not make money with social media, you just need to connect with the people who like and trust you. But to achieve this you will need to set up some simple steps. The first thing you need to do is set up a schedule of when you're going to post to different social networks. This is going to need to be a calendar or a schedule of when you're going to post to different social networks, either each week or by the month.

  The next thing you going to need to know about using social media as a marketing tool, is that it does take time. Some people think that social media is bit daunting, and that is the reason that a lot of businesses turn to social media managers. There are tools out there that can help you to streamline the process, but even with these it still takes time. You still need to find content that people want to read. Another thing you need to understand is that your posts shouldn't be too long or posted too often. For instance Twitter only lets you use 140 characters so you need is to simplify the message that you are trying to convey. It is not just Twitter that you need to simplify it applies to all of your social networks. The reason you do not post too often is because people might think you're trying to spam them.

  You must always check your stats to make sure that your social media is working for you. This also applies to your blogs and your videos making sure that they are being read and watched, also that they are being engaged with. The reason for this is to find out what is actually working so that you can write or produce more. One of the best analytics tools that you can use is Google analytics from your website. Once you have found out where your traffic is coming from focus on those social networks.

   Another way to test your social media strategy is to try a different social network each month. You can then analyse the traffic and interaction from your followers network. In this way you can then focus more on the social networks that give you the most response. If you don't have the time or staff to spend time on these different steps the best thing to do is to use a social media manager.

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